Studio Rental

Studio rental prices below are for photo shoots, large parties and rehearsals only. A staff member will be present to let you in, take care of rigging and equipment, and lock up when you’re done. You may use any aerial equipment in the space, which only the staff member is authorized to set up for you. Only experienced aerialists may use apparatuses. All participants must sign a waiver.

Dates and times for rentals are subject to studio availability.

Item Rental Price
Whole studio rental $100 per 1.5 hours
Whole studio rental, member price $50 per 1.5 hours

To inquire about studio rental, please contact us at

Equipment Rental

All equipment rental requires a $250 deposit. Renter is responsible for their own performers’ insurance. Renter must sign a liability waiver. If you are a studio member, please inquire about pricing.

Item Rental Price
Crash Mat (6’x6′ or 4’x6′) $75/day
Apparatus (trapeze, rope, sling, silk, hoop) $30/day
Hardware (carabiner, swivel, rescue-8) $10/day
Spanset $10/day

To inquire about equipment rental, please contact us at