These are the classes we usually offer each session; check the enrollment page for current offerings. Our sessions are 6-8 weeks long; if you click the signup button and don’t see any classes to enroll in, it means we’re in the middle of a session. Check our calendar to see when the next session begins, and sign up for our mailing list to be notified when you can sign up. Our drop-in fitness classes are always available.
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You can sort our class descriptions by apparatus or level using the categories below.


Beginner Trial Class

This one-hour class will introduce you to a variety of basic, low-to-the-ground moves on aerial silks, trapeze, and other aerial apparatuses, depending on which instructor is teaching! Check out the studio, meet an instructor, and find out if aerial arts are for you! All are welcome, there are no prerequisites.


Intro to Horizontal

This class for beginners will sample trapeze, hoop, and slings, also known as aerial hammock. Learn the basic physical vocabulary of aerial arts through fun, challenging and attainable progressions. Apparatus-specific conditioning and flexibility are also introduced to help build your sustainable aerial foundation. This class is a prerequisite for level [...]


Intro to Vertical

Open to beginning aerialists or anyone new to vertical apparatus. Learn foundation skills on silks and rope, with a focus on building form and body awareness on the apparatus. We will break down the elements of climbing and inverting with progressions designed to build strength and endurance. No prerequisites.


Beginning Vertical

In this class, you will build your vertical vocabulary and work on short sequences, as we continue to condition and build strength, comfort, and endurance on vertical apparatus. Prerequisites: Able to invert with no assistance and hold a straddle inversion for 3 seconds, and perform two different climbs on each [...]


Beginning Trapeze

This class is for students who have taken Intro to Horizontals or have received instructor permission to enroll. We'll learn basic mounts, fundamentals, and some fun shapes and tricks on static and dance trapeze.


Beginning/ Intermediate Slings

Beginner/intermediate will build on basic wraps learned in intro to vertical and intro to horizontals including leg lock and star sequences. This class will focus on building a relationship with the sling, understanding wrap theories, and building strength and endurance. Focus of skills will include pull over mounts, supported and [...]


Exploring on Dance Trapeze

This class is for you if you are comfortable in the air and are interested in playing with tricks you know and finding different paths in and out of the familiar. We will explore movement from balance, shapes and tricks on the apparatus with a focus on building your own [...]


Intermediate Rope

This class is for students with rope or silks experience. We will explore rope climbs, transitions, and sequencing with a focus on building air time endurance and wrap fluency. Rotations and drops will also be introduced to build your rock and roll bad ass vocabulary. Prerequisites: inversion from the air, [...]


Intermediate Slings

Students will be guided through aerial sling skills such as mounts, dismounts, wraps and drops. Students will also use the sling for strengthening and flexibility exercises. The skills learned will be built upon in higher level slings classes. Prerequisites: able to straddle and pull over onto the apparatus with no [...]


Intermediate Silks

This class is for students who have mastered classic and Russian climbs, double footlocks, and can comfortably invert from a climb. Material in this class will focus on learning and refining single rotation drops, intricate wraps, climbs, and transitions with focus on strength building and gaining stamina for longer sequences. [...]


Intermediate/ Advanced Trapeze

We will work on improving strength, balance, and refining beginner tricks. These foundations will be combined with intermediate skills to create polished sequences unique to the class. We will focus on cleaning up tricks for economy of movement and strong, fluid transitions. Prerequisites: clean pullover at various heights w/o assistance, [...]


Advanced Slings

In this class we will perform longer sequences and explore transitions. We will also challenge your slings theory knowledge and expand your creativity. Prerequisites: You must have a solid understanding of the sling and body awareness. Please be able to perform a clean straddle inversion and pull over from a [...]


Advanced Silks

This class will focus on building strength for straight arm inversions with and without momentum. We will explore split tissue sequences in order to find new pathways into basic locks and wraps. Prerequisites: Intermediate silks or equivalent. One entry into s-wrap and knowledge of wheeldowns. Can invert multiple times from [...]


Advanced Rope

This class will focus on the artistry of our aerial practice. Students will work with simple phrases in the air and apply concepts of Time, Space and Energy to lengthen and vary the aesthetic structure of the phrase. Prerequisites: intermediate silks or rope. Straight arm inversion (momentum ok, doesn't have [...]



This class will focus on basic beats including; Bell, Scissor, Front-Back, Straddle, Break Beats, dynamic climbs, and release moves. We will explore dynamic entrances and exits, and differences that occur when using a vertical apparatus vs horizontal apparatus. Prerequisites: repeated inversions in the air and from the ground, clean pull [...]

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